Thoughts: it's not 3am!

As per the name of the blog

'Thriving Thoughts' it is very obvious that here we will surely talk, without any hesitation. The 'thoughts' all of us have.

Thriving thoughts aren't the one which hits us at 3 am, but always stays at the back of our mind, not letting us focus nor letting us work. They just sit on their chair quietly.

There are many types of thoughts not just negative or positive. Many......Many types of thrivingness inside our minds, running in our blood. Some you want to share, some you want to execute, some you want to write, some you want to express, some you want to keep within.

Well, best said

~ " Secrets are meant to live within your soul", but not your thoughts, not the ones which will change the world, will change you, change us...! Let go the insecurities of sharing.... write them, express them.... just get them out of there!

It will leave its position.... leave forever, every barrier will disappear. The vision won't be blur anymore. There won't be any mess, No strings tangled, No grey under your skin.

Result is secondary, what primary is execution. Let there be mistakes, let you decisions turn out to be ugly. Execute your ideas, express your thoughts, let your view be public.

Because six months later you'll wish, you could have started earlier.

Go Ahead, Start...!

* keep Growing, keep Going. *

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